Green Frame

GF aluminum frames versus resin covered steel profiles

   1   Environment - Production    3   Aesthetics
  • Great recyclability
  • GF frames are highly recyclable (residual value €1.2/kg) and with reduced environmental impact
  • Frames and components are RoHS compliant
  • Suitable for clean rooms / ESD

Alumite treatment allows for “maintenance-free”,and gives an excellent appearance that lasts for long.
Resin-coating causes resin deterioration and dust generation and additional maintenance.
Outer connector

Connectors are available in outer and inner type.
Inner connector

The inner type leaves a smooth surface and limits dust accumulation.

Frames with 3 standard diameters

   2   Assembly time reduced by 2/3    4   Weight

The frame is equipped with a pair of grooves in each of the four directions.
A connector can fit in the grooves with use of a single bolt.

Granted perpendicularity and parallelism thanks to grooves facing the four directions.

Connectors fit in with a single bolt allow for easy assembly and disassembly
Resin-coated steel frames

400 g
Profile: 520 g/m
Metal joint: 145 g

230 g
Profile: 367 g/m
Metal joint: 61 g
   5   Universal
  • Accessories can be fixed both on square and coated tubular frames

A broad range of applications is available to meet individual needs.

Example 1 Work board

Easy to modify layout

Work board combination can flexibly be modified according to working space and staffing conditions of a cell production system.
Individual work boards can easily be connected for line works, and vice versa.

Example 2 Chuter


Flexible to modify to meet varying working conditions.

Suited for use as shelves to store supply parts and works. A convenient chuter can be created when corocon parts are combined. Angle and shape customization is possible to fit any type, number or size of container.
Even large-size chuters, being lightweight and easy-to-move, require minimum workload for transport


Example 3 Trolley

Reuse with easy disassembly

Convenient for transport of parts and works.The lightweight aluminium frames reduce operator workload and offer freedom to modify size as well as shape of the composition.


Example 4 Clean booth Example 5 Partition

Rust-proof material prevents paint strip-off.

Applicable to pillars and components for simple clean rooms, or desktop compact clean booths. Anodized aluminum is a rust-free material that effectively prevents paint from stripping off.


Lightweight and movable.

Lightweight aluminum is suited for making easy-to-move, simple partitions. Different applications are possible with varying panel material/part options.

Example 6 Karakuri
Hybrid Chute Multiple-stage Chuter
Tilt Turn Chuter Automation Chuter and Trolley
Flip-up Trolley Container Separate Chuter
90 deg Turn Table Horizontal Turn Table
Container Separate Stopper (Revolve Type) Container Separate Stopper (Seesaw)
Vertical Movement Lock Conveyor Anti-rollback Device