ESD KLT-Snapper

Quantity per Package: ---

The KLT-Snapper is made in IDP-STAT® PVC.
The Kanban card will be inserted from the side and are thus perfectly protected. Suitable for KLT and Euroboxes. Scanner readable. Special features:

  • cardboard inserts available in any required size
  • scanner-readable
  • possibility of length reducing while maintaining its functionality
  • Ideal for Orgatex Kanban boards
  • VDA-Norm 4902
  • upper opening

Available formats

CodeExt. dim.
W x H (mm)
Int. dim.
W x H (mm)
Cardboard code
KLT-SNAP-ESD-20 210 x 80 200 x 67 (ET670)
KLT-SNAP-1/3DIN-ESD-20 210 x 110 200 x 85 (ET85)
KLT-SNAP-DINA5-ESD-20 210 x 48 200 x 135 (ET135)
Pack = 50 pcs.



Simple placement on KLT
and Euroboxes containers
Ideal for Kanban boards