Tool holder D91 and Bucket-tray

Quantity per Package: ---

  • ZFor ergonomic and handy positioning of tools at the workstation
  • Time savings of 10% to 20% based on MTM, achievable with
    - Defined place for fast retrieval
    - 45° docking aids in bucket-tray for easy, ergonomic depositing and removal of tools
    - 45° tilt of tool holder for easy picking
  • Round and oval bucket-trays, open or closed base, for insertion in matching tool holders
  • Four possible positions for oval bucket-trays possible in tool holders for ergonomic picking and placing
  • Tool holder to hang in a suspension profile or container mount
  • Tool holder with space for adhesive label


Material: PA 6, black
3842544833 Tool holder D91 ESD
3842544837 Bucket-tray D91-32 (closed base) ESD
3842546744 Bucket-tray D91-oval53-L100 (closed base) ESD
3842546745 Bucket-tray D91-oval53-L136 (closed base) ESD
Pack = 1 Pc.