About Us

The increasingly competitive markets and difficulties in the world of production have emphasized the need for companies to optimize their production processes to eliminate any type of waste. This goal can be reached by following the principles of LEAN PRODUCTION.

Endorsed the concepts behind this production philosophy, LeanProducts, since 2005, has researched, selected and developed a wide range of components and systems which are fundamental for practical implementation of lean principles.
The process of research and development initially took place within Tecnogroup srl, a company with a thirty-year-experience in production and marketing of components and systems for automation. LeanProducts srl has gained autonomy in 2009 and obtained the certification in February 2010.

Nowadays LeanProducts operates within a group made up of Tecnogroup, a production unit in Vicenza, and a commercial reality “OPL automatizacija” in Ljubljana for the direct management of former Yugoslavia countries. Also has been created a web portal, LeanValley (www.leanvalley.eu), whose purpose is to spread lean thinking in Italy.

LeanProducts is based in Pordenone and currently operates on an area of 1000 square meters with both technical and commercial personnel.

LeanProducts is the right partner for all situations of optimization:
- Production and material flows through an innovative system for the MATERIAL HANDLING
- The reorganization of the workplace, according to the principles of ergonomics
- The reduction of stocks through the KANBAN SYSTEM
- The improvement of communication through the LEAN VISUAL MANAGEMENT

The range of products offered by LeanProducts and distributed nationally, thanks also to exclusive contracts, includes a variety of components selected for their simplicity and ease of use, the flexibility and customization options. These characteristics make them
suitable for any specific need, and allow to achieve amazing results in a short time.

The constant commitment, competence and flexibility gained, together with the agreements signed with leading national and international companies, allowed LeanProducts to achieve excellent results in a very short time, becoming a trusted partner and a reference point in Italy for components and systems related to lean production.

The results obtained are a direct consequence of both the quality of the products offered but also of the punctuality and professionalism of a young and dynamic group, motivated and prepared to respond competently to the demands of reality that see in the lean production and its application a possible way out to the pressing problems of continuous improving, elimination of waste and maintaining of the market share.