Grab trays

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  • With the (GB–S) grab trays you can make small parts accessible in a very small space. The integrated lip makes it easier to take out the pieces.
  • These sturdy and hard-wearing containers have ergonomically designed grab ledges. This enables parts to be grasped quickly and safely. Containers can be exchanged easily, cutting the time needed for commissioning, parts supply and converting the workstations.
    Plastic grab containers can be supplied via a suspension profile or material shelves at the workstation and can also be integrated in a material shuttle.
    All grab containers have a specially ridged surface design to facilitate pick-up of parts.


Material: ABS light grey RAL 7035
ESD: ABS black
CodeDescriptionDim. esterne
W x H x D (mm)
3842344764 Grab tray GB-S08 82 x 50 x 86
3842346294 Grab tray GB-S08 ESD 82 x 50 x 86
3842344765 Grab tray GB-S12 123 x 50 x 86
3842346295 Grab tray GB-S12 ESD 123 x 50 x 86
3842344766 Grab tray GB-S17 173 x 50 x 86
Grab tray GB-S17 ESD 173 x 50 x 86
Pack = 1 Pc.