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Dolly 800 x 600 mm

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Dolly 800 x 600 mm

Dolly 800 x 600 mm with wheels ø 100 mm (2 fixed and 3 swivel) in rubber, polyamide, ESD or mixed. Equipped with quick release linkage rudder.

In depth 

The Dolly 800 x 600 mm has been specially designed for the transport of plastic crates and trays used in the automotive industry. It can be easily integrated into the automated system and used with or without a rudder. It also offers excellent directional stability: the three swivel wheels and the two fixed wheels make the trolley agile both for manual handling and linked mode. It has the same hooking system as the Dolly 600x400 mm and this makes it possible to link them together.
The drawbar with an enlarged base improves the towing strength, also considering the capacity of 500 Kg.

The Dolly 800 x 600 mm can be used together with the Adapter Pallet for the storage and distribution of components: the warehouse dimensions are remodeled and optimized even when the trolleys are empty.