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GF Visual Boards

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Panel for GF Visual Boards

Panel with GF profile frame ø 28 mm and single-sided surface available. The special treatment of the panel makes it unalterable, resistant to sunlight, high heat and chemicals. The combination with the other components (legs, title, hinges, wall fixing kit) allows multiple solutions. Lightweight and modular, they are easy to assemble. Panel height 1195 mm.

Wall mounting kit

Kit for wall mounting the GF Panel. The use of 1 kit per meter is recommended.

Title for GF Visual Boards

Title with GF profile frame ø 28 mm and unalterable panel, resistant to sunlight, high heat and chemicals. It can also be added on top of the panel at a later stage. Available single or double-sided, in 2 heights.

kit Leg

Leg kit in aluminum profile GF ø 28 mm available in version with wheels ø 50 mm with brake or with feet ø 30 mm. They are supplied disassembled but are easy to install. They are mounted under the GF panel to create free-standing boards. For a central blackboard use 2 leg kits; for a sideboard only 1 leg kit.

Hinges for GF Visual Boards

Kit 2 hinges for information boards in GF to chain 2 whiteboards with legs and allow 180 ° rotation of one blackboard on the other. Right and left version available.


The information boards in Green Frame Ø 28 mm profile are designed to facilitate the assembly of the various components for the creation of customized structures (a wall, with legs, with title, etc.). They offer maximum flexibility in the composition, allowing the type of support to be varied even afterwards, passing from wall-mounted blackboard to blackboard with legs and vice versa.


• maximum flexibility

• possibility of using any type of marker

• surface erasable with solvents

• magnetic surface

• possibility of customization

• possibility of multiple compositions

• customizable measures

• standard height 1175 mm

• graphic customization is possible on all models




Whiteboard 1 side, with leg and feetWhiteboard 1 side, with title and leg with feet 


Visual 1 side blackboard, with shelfVisual board 2 sides, with 2 shelves