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About Us

The increasingly competitive markets and the growing difficulties in which the production world operates have emphasized the need for companies to optimize their production processes in order to eliminate any type of waste: an objective that can be achieved by following the dictates of LEAN PRODUCTION.


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Having made the concepts underlying this production philosophy its own, LeanProducts, since 2005, has researched, selected and developed a wide range of components and systems essential for the practical implementation of lean principles initially, the research and development process took place within Tecnogroup srl, a company with thirty years of experience in the field of production and marketing of components and systems for automation; in 2009 it acquired legal autonomy, in February 2010 the certification, in June 2019 the merger with Tecnogroup srl took place.

LeanProducts today is a leading company in Italy for the marketing of components and solutions for lean manufacturing Based in Pordenone, It currently operates on an area of 3000 square meters as part of a group which also includes another commercial entity "OPL automatizacija" in Ljubljana for the direct management of the countries of the former Yugoslavia.


Thanks to the experience in the field, to the research of technologies and materials at an international level, and starting from the principles of LEAN PRODUCTION (streamlining of processes = increase in productivity = increase in profit), LeanProducts allows you to achieve precise and measurable objectives. proposes as a partner in all optimization situations:

inventory reduction through the KANBAN SYSTEM

production and material flows through an innovative system for MATERIAL HANDLING

reorganization of the workplace according to the principles of ergonomics

improvement of communication through LEAN VISUAL MANAGEMENT


The range of products offered by LeanProducts and distributed nationwide, thanks also to exclusive contracts, includes a great variety of components selected for their simplicity and ease of use.

The characteristics of flexibility and the possibility of customization make our products suitable for every specific need and allow surprising results to be achieved in a short time.

LeanProducts allows you to implement your change projects in a practical and operational way:

Products for Visual Management and Kanban System:document holders, label holders, horizontal signs, Kanban tags, information tables, Kanban and Heijunka boards.

Manual production systems: ergonomic workstations and assembly lines, dynamic supermarket flowracks, gravity roller conveyors and picking containers.

Components and solutions for Material handling and logistics: standardized containers, dolly milkrun, FIFO station.

Edmolift hydraulic platforms: Work Positioner, pantograph platforms and trolleys, lifting arms, tippers.

Green Frame: circular section aluminum profiles and relative connectors, designed to assemble workstations, trolleys and gravity warehouses.

Mobile collaborative robots: for the automation of internal logistics activities


The constant commitment, the acquired competence and flexibility, together with the agreements signed with leading national and international companies, have allowed LeanProducts to achieve excellent results in a short time, becoming a trusted partner of many national companies as well as a reference point in Italy for components and systems relating to LEAN PRODUCTION.





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