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Kanban Board

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Kanban-Starter Kit Color

Basic kit for Kanban board composed of magnetic blackboard and 8 columns of 25 positions each of coloured Systembox for the creation of the Kanban Traffic Light as well as magnetic windows and mailbox. Ideal for starting a project not yet defined as it can be implemented later.

Kanban-Starter Kit Grey

Kanban-Starter Kit Grey

Basic GF Kanban board

Basic Kanban board in GF with Ø 28 mm aluminum profile structure, Ø 50 mm swivel wheels with brake, 5 mm thick infill. Available with 1 or 2 shelves. Total height 2000 mm

Kanban board

Kanban boards are an important starting point for the implementation of the use of the Kanban system and the principle of transparency of Lean Production. They are produced in two versions: with a frame in 30 x 30 mm square section aluminum profile or in Ø 28 mm aluminum profile, with 1 or 2 shelves and with possible additional title. They are then divided into the Basic version with 8 mm thick infill for the 30 x 30 mm profile or 5 mm thick for the Ø 28 mm profile, and in the Visual version with mangnetic and writable panel. The Visual version grants more space to information allowing to integrate, in addition to the kanban system formed by the Systemboxes that can also be used on the Basic, other visual elements or accessory components for managing the kanban. Kanban management is also possible via magnetic document holders or personalized planning.

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit version, colored or gray, provides a system that already includes the components necessary for basic management of the kanbans as well as additional display elements. The Starter Kit is ideal for starting a project not yet defined as it can be implemented later.