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Twin LiftLiner

Twin LiftLiner is an innovative and compact solution that allows the loading and unloading of trolleys from both sides, in complete safety. Consisting of 2 chariot-carrying carriages, of dimensions suitable for specific trolleys.

LiftLiner trolley

The LiftLiner trolley is fully compatible with Twin LiftLiner. Available in 3 sizes 800 x 600 mm / 1200 x 800 mm / 1200 x 1000 mm, with ø 200 mm polyamide wheels, it can be easily loaded onto wagons that facilitate entry by leaning on the loading side and transported in absolute safety .

Elephantboard® LiftLiner

Elephantboard® is a trolley with 4 shelves in resistant plastic specific for use on Twin LiftLiner. Available in 2 sizes 800 x 600 mm / 1200 x 800 mm, it allows ample loading space for the components or containers to be handled. ESD version also available. On request also versions with 1, 2 or 3 shelves.

In Depth


LiftLiner is a great internal logistics solution and an excellent choice for forklift-free environments. Maximize the flexibility you need for efficient deliveries to your production line.With LiftLiner you avoid the complexities of sequential deliveries to the production line upfront.

Loading the Elephantboard® or the specific trolley, on both sides of the Twin LiftLiner without the need to modify its conditions in any way, allows a simplified logistic process.


  • Promotes a production environment without using a forklift truck
  • Reduces overall operating costs
  • Loading / unloading on both sides at the delivery point
  • Fast and safe loading
  • Sequencing is not necessary: allows a more flexible supply of the production line
  • Very ergonomic, safe and easy to use





Twin LiftLiner

Compact size

The compact design of the LiftLiner makes it the shortest chaining solution on the market. It requires no additional space compared to the load it carries.
This significantly reduces the space needed for production logistics.



The handling of loads up to 1000 kg per unit is safe and simple thanks to the innovative design of LiftLiner. The special tilting technology also makes the loading and unloading process extremely intuitive for the operator. In fact, it takes 3 seconds to lift up to 1000 kg and be ready to continue the journey. Lean logistics has never been easier.