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Kanban mailbox

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Kanban mailbox

Kanban mailbox in painted sheet metal, magnetic or with wall fixing holes, with transparent or grey window. Ideal for collecting Kanban tags before and after use. Also available additional version, without window. Filling capacity of 15 mm.

Transparent plastic Kanban mailbox

Box for the collection of Kanban tags, made of rigid, magnetic or holes transparent plastic, with a capacity of 35 mm. Usable on any surface, it can be placed side by side with Systembox or Cardplan® system. ESD wall version available.

Collection of kanban cards

The mailboxes provide a space for the collection of kanban cards and other documents that must remain within reach for consultation or removal by the operator. Available in the version with metal structure and transparent or gray front, also modular in cascade formation or totally in transparent plastic with high capacity, with powerful magnetic support or pre-drilled for mechanical fixing. The available sizes are compatible with most kanbans, even reaching the A4 format. They can be used on information boards, Heijunka, Lot-size for the collection of tags or directly on workstations, shelving and operating machines to accommodate assembly instructions, use and maintenance manuals ...