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MiR 250 Hook

Consisting of the combination of the AMR MiR 250 robot with the Hook module, extremely easy to use and efficient for fully automated pick-up and towing of trolleys in production, logistics and healthcare environments.
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The MiR 250 with Hook module is ideal for a wide range of towing jobs, such as efficiently moving heavy goods between locations in a manufacturing facility or warehouse, or moving laundry and food trolleys in hospitals. The hook supports the transport of loads up to 500 kg (1100 lbs), providing new internal logistic options for heavy or bulky loads. The MiR 250 Hook combination is more agile thanks to its improved software and more robust robot base, making the MiR250 Hook an improved AMR solution in terms of performance, accuracy and productivity.




The complete technical specifications of the MiR 250 robot can be read by clicking here.

Below are the specifications of the MiR Hook module


Intended use:

  • Device for internal transport of small and medium-sized loads

  • Developed to work in symbiosis with the MiR 250



  • Lenght 1 130–1 220 mm

  • Width580 mm

  • Height 645–895 mm

  • Weight (with MiR without batteries or payload) 188 kg



  • RAL 7011 / Iron grey



  • Maximum payload 500 kg


Speed and performances:

  • Maximum speed  2.0 m/s (7.2 km/h)

  • Tolerance of gap up to 20 mm

  • Maximum sloap +/- 5% with reduced speed and maximum payload 300 kg



  • IP 21 class