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Pallet clamp

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Pallet clamp

Clamp for identification of pallets, in rigid and resistant yellow PVC, for tag 76x70 mm. It hooks to the foot of the pallet and allows you to display an identification tag. It is possible to fix it with staples. Also available in white cardboard and transparent protective plastic, 78x72 mm in size, which fit into the special seat.

Cardboard for pallet clamp

White cardboard, dimensions 76x70 mm, necessary for the use of the pallet gripper KAN-PS-04 and to allow identification of the pallet.

Protective plastic for pallet clamp

Transparent protective plastic for pallet clamp, dimensions 78x72 mm, to protect the identification tag. It prevents it from coming out of its seat.

The classification and identification of each product within your company is essential to maintain order, avoid wasting time for recognition and avoid errors.

The pallet clamp, in addition to being clearly visible thanks to the yellow color that distinguishes it, is also easy to use with one hand. It may contain a large identification tag, protected by transparent plastic. Readable with optical reader for bar-code.

There are grooves on both sides, for easy grip, and rear holes to allow fixing with staples or nails.