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Lifting Solutions

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Our lifting and work positioner plans are designed and structured in accordance with the requirements of the EN 1570 standard for lifting plans and the European EN 1757-1 standard for the Work Positioner. Therefore the requirements of the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage and EMC are compliant. All products have the CE mark and include an CE Declaration of Conformity or, in certain cases, a Declaration of Incorporation. In short, these Standards require:

The European standard EN 1570 for lifting platforms specifies the safety requirements for lifting platforms used for lifting and/or lowering material and/or persons up to a height of 3 m.

  • Criteria for load conditions, solidity and stability calculations.
  • Criteria for safety devices if persons, material on wheels, etc. are transported on the lifting plane.
  • Minimum safety criteria in development, with or without security scope.
  • Protective devices for various applications to prevent damage to persons and objects or fixed installations located on the lifting table.
  • Maximum lifting, lowering and peripheral speed.
  • Criteria for protection against overload.
  • Devices to prevent the plane from lowering at too high a speed and to prevent the risks caused by the involuntary lowering due to oil dispersion. The new Edmolift hydraulic and electrical systems meet all these requirements, which is rare for systems from other lift table manufacturers.
  • Criteria relating to the type of control system such as the inclusion of an emergency stop device and the possibility of preventing unauthorised use.
  • Test criteria on all products before delivery.
  • Complete operating and maintenance instructions and features, in order to provide appropriate operating instructions and to provide warnings concerning the potential risks associated with misuse of the lifting plan and anything that might be near the plan. It also provides instructions for assembly, inspection and maintenance, to offer the customer an economical and prolonged use of Edmolift lifting systems


The European standard EN 1757-1 for Work Positioner specifies the safety requirements for Work Positioners, equipped with forks, platform or other accessories, with motorized displacement, for handling, lifting and lowering a load (max 1000 kg) up to a maximum height of 2.5 m.

  • General criteria for load conditions, strength and stability calculations, including intensive testing.
  • Criteria for anchoring devices to avoid falling load.
  • Minimum safety criteria for installation.
  • Instructions to avoid damage to persons, materials or fixed installations in the work area of the Work Positioner.
  • Economic version of the crank.
  • Wheel protection and parking brake.
  • Protective devices against overload.
  • Maximum permitted lifting and lowering speed.
  • Requirements for electrical and control systems.
  • Complete application and maintenance instructions and features, to provide the customer with appropriate operating instructions and to communicate the potential risks of misuse of the lifting plan and/or anything that may be near the lifting table. It also includes assembly, inspection and maintenance instructions providing the customer with economical and prolonged use of Edmolift lifting plans.

The wide range of lifting tables and Work Positioner can be accompanied by numerous customization possibilities, which allow you to adapt the product to multiple sectors and different uses. Here are some examples: 


Work Positioner serie WP 


Work Positioner WP One

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