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The Systemboxes are colored plastic elements that can be stacked and placed side by side. Used for the collection of Kanban tags and the creation of Semaphore Kanban, Heijunka and Lot Size Kanban systems. The rear notched groove is the housing of an adapter that allows the insertion of even small Kanban. Requires accessories to complete the system. Compatible with Systembox A4. ESD version available.
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The Systembox is a kanban holder element in colored plastic material provided with joints for vertical and lateral concatenation of several elements. The use of colored elements allows the creation of the traffic light for the control of production priorities. The flexibility of the Systembox system allows the implementation of a single position at a time both in the rows and in the columns. The rear groove expands the possible dimensions of Kanban that can be used by allowing the insertion of a T-shaped element that adjusts with an increase / decrease of 5 mm. The accessories for fixing and the additional and completion components make the Systembox a complete and clear system for your Kanban management. Usable for the creation of Heijunka for production leveling and Lot Size Kanban for small batch management.


Compatible with Systembox A4.


ESD version available.






The choice of using gray Systemboxes and colored cards to be inserted in the front and top windows optimizes their inventory and still allows you to create a clearly legible Kanban Traffic Light. The variation of the traffic light rhythms also becomes more streamlined as it is not necessary to disassemble and reassemble the Systemboxes, but just replace the colored cards.







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