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Adaptor pallet

Adapter pallet 1210 x 800 x 120 mm for storage and transport of Dolly trolleys. Unbreakable and stackable. Equipped with safety catch.

Dolly type I

Dolly type I, 600 x 400 mm, with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels of ø 100 mm. ESD also available

Dolly type II

Dolly type II, 600 x 400 mm, with 4 swivels of ø 100 mm. ESD also available

Dolly type V

Dolly type V is the version with containment corners of Dolly II. Same dimensions, 604 x 404 mm, with 4 swivels of ø 100 mm.

Dolly type VII

Dolly type VII, 600 x 400 mm, with 2 fixed and 2 swivel castors of ø 100 mm, with or without containment angles, with quick-connect chain drawbar. ESD also available.

Dolly type VIIC

Dolly type VIIC 612 x 404 mm with elevated deck H 750 mm, with 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels in polyamide with ø 100 mm, drawbar with quick coupling.

Adapter pallet with cage

Adapter pallet 1200x800 with cage


Rudder assembly compatible with all dolly trolleys. Compatible with most tractors, it is supplied ready for assembly.

Fabric strap for Adaptor Pallet

Blue fabric strap equipped with metal safety hooks. Necessary to ensure the loading of the containers on the Dollies on the Adapter Pallet. Length 2300-3800 mm.

Cover for pallets 1200 x 800 mm

The cover for pallets adapts to the dimensions of the containers for small loads and protects the palletized goods from external agents. Equipped with shelves to accommodate load-securing straps or straps.

In depth

The milkrun dollies for Material Handling are ideal for moving goods within the office, warehouse or various production departments and adapt to any production sector. Different models are available, suitable for different needs. Particularly robust, they have a capacity ranging from 250 Kg up to 1000Kg depending on the type.

The choice of the suitable trolley allows to maintain better ergonomics during loading and unloading operations and consequently a reduction in the risk of accidents due to the movement of heavy loads. They also favor a faster handling of goods thanks to the optimization of spaces allowing savings in time and costs.

 The Dolly trolleys, in their various versions, are equipped with a drawbar with a quick-coupling chaining pin: the drawbar with a pin is hooked to the connection plate that guides the pin in position, with a single action. The coupling remains stable until the operator, with his foot, unlocks the rudder by pressing it slightly downwards.

 The Dolly can be used for the handling and storage of the material together with the Adaptor Pallet on which they are safely housed thanks to a special block. 


Drawbar with link pin 

Large area to guide and lock the tow bar pin in place. By pulling the plate, you guide the pin into place. Pin locked in correct position. 


Taxi Wagon, Taxiliner, LiftLiner and Carrymore complete the transport needs on long internal routes by providing solutions in which it is possible to load trolleys, generally specific for each single model, so that they are lifted from the ground. Advanced technology allows these new "wagons" to tilt to accommodate or unload trolleys; wheel rolling noise is significantly reduced, bending radii are improved, a production environment without the use of a forklift is promoted.



 The material in the warehouse is loaded onto linked Dolly Pallet trolleys that allow a single handling for a lot of material, or directly transported, if housed on the Dollies previously stored on the Adapter pallet, which are unloaded and hooked together thanks to the rudder and quick linkage pin. 


 The material transported by the milkrun is brought into production and assigned according to the FiFo logic. The FiFo method represents the object storage mode in which the first object introduced is the first to exit. It is logical and rational to use the FIFO method in the logistic flow as the first goods or raw materials arrived must be the first to be consumed to avoid obsolescence or expiration.


 The finished material is integrated into the collection milkrun in an easy way thanks to the drawbar with coupling with full compatibility between the various models.



4 forklifters need 4 trips to get the work done. 4 dollies in milkrun configuration need just 1 trip to get the work done.



Supplier process 

From the production line products are placed in plastic containers (KLT) on the dollies.  Dollies are linked together like a train and transported to a first storage area.
The Adaptor pallet is loaded with 4 Dollies uploaded through the forklift on the truck.


Customer process 



 The Adaptor pallets are delivered in the warehouse of the customer input. The products are placed in the warehouse: the Dolly at the bottom, while the Adaptor Pallets with spare components in the upper zone.
Dollies are taken from warehouse and brought to the workstation. In the station assembly products are extracted by KLT containers and used. The Dolly with the KLT is raised to a ergonomic height thanks to a box lifter.



OBJECTIVE: one manual handling of components and containers from production to end use.