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Plastic Park Station

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Park Station - Plastic rails

Plastic track, yellow for visibility and adhesive for ease of installation, has flexible sides and is able to accommodate trolleys with wheels of any diameter. Easily customizable in length, Also by cutting it. Completion terminals available.

Park Station - Terminal

Set with 2 terminals for Park Station - Plastic track. Back side coated with a special adhesive. Its rounded shape offers a clean finish without edges. Pre-drilled for possible fixing to the ground.

In Depth


Plastic Park Stations are a simple tool to define the stop position of the carriages and prevent them from moving accidentally without the need to mount the brake on the wheel. They consist of an adhesive plastic track with flexible sides capable of accommodating trolleys with wheels up to 200 mm in diameter and, on completion, terminals with holes for fixing to the ground. Placed perpendicular to the path of the trolleys, they stop it, but do not prevent it from being crossed if necessary.

These rails can be used both in production and storage areas with an ahdesive design that can allows the correct parking of dollies. 

  • It fits every wheel diameter 
  • It fits to every wheel material
  • Ready to use (industral adhesive)
  • Easy to cut
  • Available in differen lenghts