Solutions for Lean Manufacturing

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Adapter round base with C ball

Adapter with round base Ø 61,9 mm pre-drilled with C ball Ø 38,1 mm.

Double socket arm L =90 mm with C ball

Double socket arm L = 90 mm with Ø 38,1 mm C ball. With 2 base / accessory attachment points it allows almost infinite adjustment

VESA 75/100 support with C ball

VESA mount with square plate and 75 and 100 mm fixing holes, with 38,1 mm C ball.

Adapter diamond base with C ball

62 x 33 mm diamond base adapter with 38,1 mm C ball

Double socket arm L= 150 mm with C ball

Double socket arm L = 150 mm with Ø 38,1 mm C ball. With 2 base / accessory attachment points it allows almost infinite adjustment

PVC panel

PVC panel available in grey and white color with a thickness of 5 mm. Available in whole slabs or cut to size. Maximum size: 3050 x 2050 mm.

ESD bottle holder

ESD bottle holder

Adapter base for tube Ø 19-31 mm with C ball

Base adapter for Ø 19-31mm tube with 38,1 mm C ball

Double socket arm L = 220 mm with C ball

Double socket arm L = 220 mm with Ø 38,1 mm C ball. With 2 base / accessory attachment points it allows almost infinite adjustment

Adapter base for C10 with C ball

Adapter with rectangular base for fixing on C10, with 38.1 mm C ball.


Principles and application of Lean Green Factory

The company that uses Lean production methods and specific products for the application of these principles is in fact a company of excellence where everything is aimed at continuous improvement and waste reduction, which are the basic principles of Lean at the base. of the Toyota Production System.

Waste or MUDA (無 駄) from the Japanese term that identifies useless activities, which do not add value or unproductive, can be identified in 7 categories:
1. Overproduction
2. Transportation
3. Unnecessary stocks
4. Unnecessary handling
5. Inactivity
6. Defective Products
7. Waits

The application of these principles and the use of specific products that LeanProducts has developed in collaboration with some of the main industrial companies in the world, will allow your company to become a LEAN GREEN FACTORY. We work to find and build the best products and the best possible solutions, attentive to global problems such as the environment, health and economy.


This section presents a series of indispensable components to make workstations, work islands and production lines tidy and efficient to the maximum.

We pay the utmost attention to the ergonomics and health of the operator with height-adjustable seats, lighting systems with a very high quality light, flicker-free, non-dazzling, long-lasting, with footrests that improve posture and reduce the fatigue.

We reduce processing times by organizing the workspace in order to dedicate time only to activities that create value: we improve the position of the work tools with drawers, tool holders, customizable shadowboards and make the components necessary for production easily available with containers and trays of withdrawal.

We monitor the picking with the Pick to Light system which provides instructions to the warehouse staff directly on the shelf, also indicating the quantities to be collected, significantly reducing the possibility of error, the time for searching for codes and avoiding having to manually note the quantities collected.

We promote early recognition of production issues to reduce reaction times and downtime and get the help or material you need on the line as quickly as possible thanks to the Andon Wireless system.